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The CRR takes in many injured, sick or orphaned hedgehogs. After a period of convalescence at the center, we release them. To ensure a smooth transition to wild life, with a supply of food while they take their bearings in their new environment, we place them in the gardens of volunteers.

Criteria for the garden

  • The hedgehog must be free to exit your garden by several exits. The hedgehogs that we release are wild animals and belong to nature. They should in no case be voluntarily retained.

  • There should not be major roads passing right next to your garden (max 50 km / h).

  • No free and unattended dog should have access to your garden.

  • There should not be any hedgehogs already established in the garden.

  • A tailor-made cabin must be ready to accommodate it.



Criteria for the cabin

  • Minimum interior dimensions: 60 cm (length) x 40 cm (width) x 20-30 cm (height)

  • Equipped with a corridor / airlock that prevents predators from reaching the hedgehog

  • Door width: 12 cm

  • Slightly sloping roof, heavy enough that animals cannot lift it

  • There must be a floor, including in the hallway / airlock. Simple walls on the lawn are not suitable.

  • Do not use any varnish / paint for the interior parts.


NB: If you don't have a handy hand, we sell cabins

matching our criteria and ready to use.


Plan to build a cabin yourself (in french)

Registration Form
Attach photos of the cabin

Nous vous remercions pour votre message. Nous vous contacterons dès qu'un hérisson sera prêt à être relâché ou en cas de besoin d'informations complémentaires

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