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CRR is the largest raptor rehabilitation center in Switzerland.

It is governed by a non-profit association whose mission is to care for and release raptors and other birds, as well as all wild fauna, in their natural environment. He works in collaboration with the CCO Geneva (Center de Coordination Ouest for the study and protection of bats).

The founder of CRR, Ludovic Bourqui, is a man passionate about the world of birds and raptors. For more than 10 years, he worked as a volunteer and manager in an ornithological center, specializing in the care of aquatic birds and raptors.


In 2007, the Bardonnex site served as an annex to the ornithological center in which Ludovic Bourqui worked as a volunteer.

In 2010, Ludovic and his team formalized the independent CRR and created the association of the same name.

The site, located in an orchard, covers 12,000 square meters. It is equipped with 7 ponds of different sizes for water birds. All surrounded by an electric park to protect residents.



The Raptor Rehabilitation Center relies mainly on the work of a team of motivated volunteers, people placed by the General Hospice as well as interns. It works in collaboration with veterinary services, local authorities, and other wildlife protection organizations.

Foundations and donations allow the CRR to expand, develop and renovate its center.


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