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From passion are born ideas. And passion and ideas, at CRR, there is! Here is an overview of the next projects that we would like to carry out and for which your generous financial support would be extremely welcome:


  • Renovate aging structures


  • Build shelters on ponds


  • Build a shelter on the bleachers


  • Rebuild the animal reception room


  • Build hedgehog pens


  • Having received more than 141 hedgehogs, the center had to enlarge the space dedicated to them. He also dedicated two aviaries to them. These aviaries are spacious and hedgehogs are placed in groups, for the last step before releasing them. For their comfort, we have found cases specially adapted to their needs. These are 1.20m long cages, containing a shelter, which would allow all the hedgehogs that we collect to have a patch of grass in their enclosures. The amount of these cases amounts to CHF 3,700. This is why we appeal to your generosity to be able to provide them with as much comfort as possible.


If you wish to support one of these projects, click here



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