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Birds / animals are collected during interventions or deposited by individuals in a room suitable for the Center, and this 24 hours a day. The care of birds / animals by the CRR is completely free.

The Center must then deal with the various costs such as food, veterinary care and costs, maintenance of the facilities ... A bird generally stays for several months before being released, unless it remains permanently at the CRR if its condition does not allow him to regain freedom.


A bird costs on average per day (excluding veterinary costs):

Raptors: between CHF 1.- and CHF 9.-
(mice, rats, quail, meat, fish or insects)


Passerines: between CHF 1.- and CHF 4.-
(insects, seeds, fruits)

Anatidae: between CHF 1.- and CHF 5.-
(fish, seeds, salad)

Others: between CHF 1.- and CHF 10.-
(depending on species)


To support us, you can sponsor a bird.

Fill in the form below and pay the corresponding amount according to the bank details

BANK RAIFFEISEN IBAN CH20 8018 8000 0936 0344 3




Sponsorship form
Select your choice
  • Sponsoring an animal does not give the right to visit without an appointment

  • In the case of wild animals, we minimize contact with humans

  • If the state of health does not allow the animal to be released, it will remain a resident at the Center.

  • You can decide to continue sponsorship from year to year

  • If the animal were to die during care or convalescence, the amounts paid will not be reimbursed.

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